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Regardless if this is your first kayaking adventure or if you are perpetually wet behind the ears, our tours and rentals are a great way to see Victoria and the local marine wildlife from a unique vantage point.

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Join us on a kayak tour or rental where you will be greeted by harbour seals, great blue heron, and possibly the elusive river otters. Located in the heart of historic Victoria Harbour, Victoria Kayak is just steps away from the Empress Hotel and British Columbia Legislature in downtown Victoria. There's no better way to kick off a stay in Victoria than with a kayak adventure!

Victoria Kayak Meet Up Group

$1800/per person
  • This is a paddling group for those interested in reconnecting to self, others, spirit and the incredible natural and cultural beauty of Victoria's waterways.

    This meet up is about outdoor adventure as a means to reset your inner compass. Time spent on the ocean engaged in the ultimate self-propelled sea going vehicle - the sea kayak - is an powerful way to start (or end) the day. An alternative to yoga, paddling in a small group in the wee hours of the morning can be an incredibly grounding, empowering and healthy way to start your day.

    Certified guide and facilitator (with 25 years experience facilitating personal growth through wilderness experience), sea kayak, paddle and all safety equipment are included! Join us as often or occasionally as you would like - discounted 5 and 10 punch cards available for frequent paddlers as well as drop in rates. Costs are to cover rentals and launch site as well as guiding. It's a great way to get out on the water if you don't (yet) own your own boat and/or are just learning.

Half Day Tours

$6500/per person
  • A seaside exploration of historic Victoria Harbour. On your kayak adventure, you will be greeted by harbour seals, great blue heron, and if really, really lucky an Orca whale.
  • Departing Daily at 9:30 AM & 1:30 PM
  • Duration 2.5 Hours

Sunset Tours

$4900/per person
  • An evening paddle past Fisherman’s Wharf or up the Gorge Waterway. A great way to wind down with friends after work (we finish at the pub – but only if you’re buying).
  • Departing Daily at 5:30 PM
    (During Summer Hours Only)
  • Duration 2.0 Hours

Guinea Pig Tours

$6900/per person
  • Wanna be our Guinea Pig? The dock rats jumped ship and stole some kayaks! How about a tour of nearby Oak Bay or even Saanich Inlet? Check the calendar for times and places.
  • See our Schedule for times
    (click the More Info button)
  • Duration 2.5 Hours

Why book online?

1. It is so easy — your cat could do it for you.
2.You really want to do something uber cool and we are close.
3.You won’t need to play telephone tag with us! (Don’t get us wrong, we love talking to you but we like paddling more).


Single Kayak Rentals

$4000/for 2 hours
  • Your own self guided adventure. During busy periods (sunny days/long weekends) we ask that rentals be a minimum of two hours in duration. If you prefer a single hour rental please call 250-216-5646 to book.
  • Departing at 9:00 AM – Returns by 7:30 PM
  • Minimum 2.0 Hours

Double Kayak Rentals

$5000/for 2 hours
  • Your own self guided adventure. During busy periods (sunny days/long weekends) we ask that rentals be a minimum of two hours in duration. If you prefer a single hour rental please call 250-216-5646 to book.
  • Departing at 9:00 AM – Returns by 7:30 PM
  • Minimum 2.0 Hours


$7000/per person
  • Looking for something different? And we are not talking about a new tattoo, a bouffant hairdo or those tiny dogs in strollers – although we have no problem with any of those things. Experience Victoria’s many celebrations in a unique way. You will also find price specials and discounts here.
  • See our Schedule for times
  • Duration Variable

Gift Certificates

$4000/as low as
  • Expensive enough to show you care but cheap enough that you can afford it.
  • Always Available
  • Always Fresh
Preferably clothing – but we don’t judge. Ok seriously, if possible, we suggest athletic clothing appropriate for the weather. Ideal kayak clothing is fast drying and moisture wicking. A long sleeve shirt is always a good choice for sun protection. We also suggest you wear sunscreen, lip balm, sunglasses and a hat — but we’re not your mother, so it’s your choice.
Victoria Kayak is very happy to host group tours and rentals. We have hosted Girl Guides, Stags/Stagettes, Birthday Parties and Team Building evens to name just a few. Our location in heart of Victoria is a perfect meeting place for all. For groups of 7+ persons please call 250-216-5646 or email for a group rate and to book.
We think kayaking and kids go together like water and ducks. We even have a special kayak that carries two people plus a small child (under 4 years old) making it a triple kayak! We have life jackets (PFDs) for children and babies and find the duration and sights along the tour route engaging enough to keep them occupied. Pre-teen children can easily paddle a double kayak with an adult while children 14 years and older will be able to manage a single kayak.
Find new horizons with Victoria Kayak
Find new horizons with Victoria Kayak

Why choose Victoria Kayak for your Tour or Rental?

Simply put, we thrive on making Victoria Kayak the most fun you can have on the water.

Our convenient location near the Empress Hotel and the British Columbia Legislature means you are off to a historic start the moment you push off the dock. And because our adventures start and finish at our floating dock right beside the Flying Otter Grill you will have a great place for a bite to eat or a pint of local beer (after the trip).
Because of the very nature of kayaks we take advantage of the shallow waterways and “back alleys” to stay out of the bustling harbour traffic and close to nature.
The Victoria Harbour is full of marine wildlife. From the majestic Blue Heron to Harbour Seals and their pups, our kayaks will put you in position for an unsurpassed view.
We stop every few hundred meters to discuss the sights, so our tours aren’t the least bit strenuous. Why not give your legs a break and let your arms do the work?
Because the only thing you have to fear is fear itself… and sharks. Just kidding!
Our tours take advantage of the stability of easy to paddle, ocean going kayaks. You will be outfitted in a life jacket (PFD) and given a thorough safety briefing and paddling instruction before departure from our “practice area” adjacent to our dock. Our outstanding location means that when the weather in the outer harbour is rough we can switch directions and proceed deeper into the sheltered waterways of the inner harbour.
We are a locally owned and operated family business and every customer is important to us. We need you! Your patronage supports our community and our local suppliers. By choosing to support locally owned businesses, you help maintain Victoria’s diversity and distinctive flavor. Thank you.

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“My husband and I enjoyed a fantastic introduction to sea kayaking this afternoon with a patient and encouraging guide. This is a great way to get a different view of Victoria and get up close to the aquatic wildlife (we saw seals, heron, otters and jelly fish…oh my!).”
Rjgalbraith, Trip Advisor
Had an awesome trip today at an amazing price. Joanna is awesome and knowledgeable, and made me feel right at home. Spend 2 1/2 hours out on the water in beautiful weather, would fully recommend to anyone!.
SRose001, Trip Advisor
Great guide and a fantastic trip to seal island. Lots of things to see including a seal that swam over to say hello!
Mark, Facebook
Wonderful experience paddling with my 8 year old son for his birthday. Not sure how but they managed to make the sun shine on a rainy day. ;)
Our guide took the time to make the trip fun, easy and educational. It was worth every penny!
Jessica, Facebook
Second time here and never disappointed.
Eric, Facebook

Gift Certificates? Yes! Here are 10 Reasons to buy a Gift Certificate from Victoria Kayak

Gift Certificates

  • Don’t have to wrap it
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Gets your loved ones exercising without telling them that they are fat!
  • One size fits all
  • Expensive enough to show you care but cheap enough that you can afford it
  • A great way to ditch the visiting relatives for a few hours
  • A new perspective on an old city
  • Romantic
  • Learn something new, see something awesome, breath fresh air
  • Fast and easy – call now 250-216-5646 or Buy Online!